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Lynx ICE Salt

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Lynx ICE Salt is not just the first of an exotic fruit series by Zenith E-Juice, but it is also our ONLY single-fruit blend. Lynx ICE salt is a combination of a variety of lychee strains cultivated from different parts of the world, with added menthol.

We believe the lychee flavor shines best by itself because this small fruit packs a big punch! It carries a sweet, tangy, and tropical taste that no other fruit is capable of doing on its own, which is why we curated this single-fruit blend to showcase its uniqueness and complexity.

The inhale delivers sweet, juicy burst that floods your mouth and fuels your tastebuds. The exhale releases a string of floral notes and aromatic scents.

Lynx ICE Salt is the Salt Nicotine version of Lynx ICE.