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Cloud Kiss

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Strawberry Cake Batter


70% Clouds : 30% Tia’s Kisses


  1. Open your bottle of Cloud Kiss
  2. Enjoy the smell of creamy cake batter with a subtle hint of strawberry
  3. Fill your tank or drip on your cotton
  4. Inhale for sweet vanilla
  5. Exhale for cake batter with a sweet hint of strawberry
  6. Take a pic and post it using #CloudKiss
  7. Repeat steps until your bottle is empty
  8. Order your next bottle

Flavor made for:

TiaVapes is a YouTube personality who helps people quit smoking and reviews e-liquids and devices. TiaVapes’ dream was to create something her fans would love. Over the past year Tia’s fans have voted on the flavor, name, label art and more. We are proud to bring to you, Cloud Kiss.