WARNING: This Product Contains Tobacco-Free Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.
{ "id":380884191, "title":"Bite Me", "handle":"bite-me-dynasty", "description":"\u003ch1 style=\"text-align: center;\"\u003eGuava Menthol\u003c\/h1\u003e\n\u003cdiv style=\"text-align: center;\"\u003e\u003cem\u003eManufacturer Suggested Retail Price Range: $17.99 - $21.99\u003c\/em\u003e\u003c\/div\u003e", "published_at":"2014-10-10T12:40:00-04:00", "created_at":"2014-10-10T12:40:49-04:00", "vendor":"US Vape Co", "type":"E-Liquid", "tags":["Best Sellers"], "price":600, "price_min":600, "price_max":600, "available":true, "price_varies":false, "compare_at_price":0, "compare_at_price_min":0, "compare_at_price_max":0, "compare_at_price_varies":false, "variants":[{"id":1048021368857, "title":"100ML \/ 0MG", "option1":"100ML", "option2":"0MG", "option3":null, "sku":"ELQDYNBIT060G000", "requires_shipping":true, "taxable":true, "featured_image":null, "available":true, "options":["100ML","0MG"], "price":600, "weight":227, "compare_at_price":0, "inventory_quantity":-2403, "inventory_management":null, "inventory_policy":"deny", "barcode":"761878997907"},{"id":1048021401625, "title":"100ML \/ 3MG", "option1":"100ML", "option2":"3MG", "option3":null, "sku":"ELQDYNBIT060G030", "requires_shipping":true, "taxable":true, "featured_image":null, "available":true, "options":["100ML","3MG"], "price":600, "weight":227, "compare_at_price":0, "inventory_quantity":-17564, "inventory_management":null, "inventory_policy":"deny", "barcode":"761878997914"},{"id":1048021467161, "title":"100ML \/ 6MG", "option1":"100ML", "option2":"6MG", "option3":null, "sku":"ELQDYNBIT060G060", "requires_shipping":true, "taxable":true, "featured_image":null, "available":true, "options":["100ML","6MG"], "price":600, "weight":227, "compare_at_price":0, "inventory_quantity":-8567, "inventory_management":null, "inventory_policy":"deny", "barcode":"761878997921"}], "images":["\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0668\/2307\/products\/2.jpg?v=1594204811"], "featured_image":"\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0668\/2307\/products\/2.jpg?v=1594204811", "options":["Size","Nicotine Level"], "content":"\u003ch1 style=\"text-align: center;\"\u003eGuava Menthol\u003c\/h1\u003e\n\u003cdiv style=\"text-align: center;\"\u003e\u003cem\u003eManufacturer Suggested Retail Price Range: $17.99 - $21.99\u003c\/em\u003e\u003c\/div\u003e"}

Bite Me

Product Description

Guava Menthol

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price Range: $17.99 - $21.99
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Thank you for being a Banzai Vapors customer. This letter is to inform you that as of July 22nd 2016, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), has revised its legal analysis of "The Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act of 2015" (CNPPA). They have concluded that the CNPPA applies to existing inventory on the effective date of July 26, 2016. This means that after this date, the sale of liquid nicotine, or e-liquid, in non-compliant containers is prohibited. A "General Certificate of Conformity" (GCC) will be necessary to certify that liquid nicotine containers sold to consumers meet the standard set by Section 1700.15 & 1700.20 in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 16, which upholds the poison prevention packaging standards.

To rectify this, Banzai Vapors, LLC has moved all of our products to GCC complaint packaging, effective immediately.

Banzai Vapors has worked feverishly to obtain the GCC's from our suppliers for all of the containers we use for our e-liquid products. Banzai Vapors recommends and asks that you suspend sales for all non-compliant products in your retail brick and mortar, as well as, any online retail until the appropriate documentation is obtained for the correlating product. This should be exercised for Banzai Vapors products and e-liquid products from other vendors.

Thank you for your time, patience and understanding as we navigate the alterations to impending regulations. Long Live Flavor! 

Important sections of the Code of Federal Regulations for retailers and manufacturers:

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 16:

Section 1700.15 (Poison prevention packaging standards)

- Section 1700.20 (Testing procedure for special packaging)

According to the CPSC, child resistant package test requirements state that must be at least 80% effective at keeping children from opening it for at least 5 minutes. 



The FDA's FURLS process has been in complete disarray since they first required vape industry registration. Between unpreparedness, internal confusion and an unwillingness to communicate their failures in the registration process, vape shop owners and manufacturers are caught in FDA registration process limbo. Most vape shops aim to be compliant and are willing to protect their livelihood by ensuring their suppliers have proper documentation. But with such a broken process it's hard for manufacturers to become compliant even when following the steps laid out by the FDA themselves. 

Banzai Vapors has completed every requirement presented by the FDA to date. We have received our product TP Numbers as well as have been issued an FEI number, and our vape shops are able to sell our product with confidence. You may download our TP Number by Clicking Here ( 277 kb ). Please keep these for your records.

We've submitted for our FEI number on January 23, 2017 and have been issued the FEI Number: 3013935581. Please save this for your records.


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