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The Active Collection

What are you doing to make sure vaping is here to stay? The hard question that companies and individuals need to be asking themselves. Of course every raffle ticket purchased or dollar donated has amassed to keep the industry level for the most part. But now, with heavy legislation facing every state, county, and city, we have to start looking to support our leaders in advocacy more than ever.

This is the inspiration for the Active Collection by Banzai Vapors. Beginning October 1st, Banzai Vapors will be offering an assortment of three masterfully blended flavors with purpose to give vape advocacy non-profit organizations the funds they need to really impact legislation, counter anti-vape campaigns, and create awareness about the benefits of switching to vape. Banzai Vapors will donate a healthy portion of every bottled sold to vape advocacy.

Thank you for your support and we are excited to give you the premium vape experience you’ve come to love from Banzai Vapors while empowering you to make a difference in the future of the vape industry.

Wholesale Information

  • There is a 25 Bottle Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) per flavor.
  • September 23rd and 24th Preorder window.
  • You may choose to carry one, two or all three collection flavors.
  • Wholesale Cost: $8.00
  • Retail UMRP: $19.99
  • There is no radius with this collection. Any vape shop that wishes to fund advocacy may.
  • Orders begin shipping September 25th.
  • The Active Collection is available for sale on October 1st.

MOQ Initial Package

With each flavor you purchase, you will receive the following marketing materials:

  • 2 Comprehensive 2015 Winter Banzai Vapors Menus
  • Banzai Vapors "Long Live Flavor" Poster
  • Active Collection Poster
  • 3mg Community 120mL bottle for your employees
  • 3 Official Banzai Vapors T-Shirts
  • Banzai Vapors "Long Live Flavor" Counter Mat
  • Active Collection Counter Mat
Updated as of January 20, 2016

American Vaping Association


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Not Blowing Smoke


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Pink Lung 


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* Donations percentages range from 5%-12% depending on the sales channel.