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Premium Trial Program

Banzai Vapors is constantly working toward making the lives of our retail partners easier. One opportunity that we saw in the market was reinventing how eliquid companies "sample" their product. How many times have you put liquid that you've received in the mail out for your patrons to test and hear "I love this! Can I buy a bottle?" Now, you or your employees have to have the uncomfortable conversation explaining that it's not a product you stock but are getting feedback on. Then overcoming the obstacle of "Do you have anything like this?" is always an unorganized scurry through product ending in the customer settling. We wanted to turn this into a positive customer experience for both the retailer and the consumer. 

Original Collection

The original blends that put Banzai Vapors on the map blended at a 70pg:30vg ratio for the consumers that enjoy chasing flavor rather than clouds.  

True Collection

True is a collection of 15 of the most popular stand-alone vape flavors crafted at a 50vg:50pg blend to maximize device compatibility. This line is more than single extracts but a true to taste vaping experience. Our Tobacco is one of the best on the market. Vanilla Custard is a creamy endeavor. Every flavor is delicious by themselves but has also been designed for you to mix into your own custom blends.

Dynasty Collection

Our original flavors remastered as a 50vg:50pg blend allowing a larger audience to enjoy the flavors that put Banzai Vapors on the map. The presentation was also elevated with tempered glass bottles and certified child resistant caps.

VG High Collection

Our most popular collection, we've master the art of creating high VG blends while maintaining robust favor.