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Banzai Vapors Customer Survey

We can't say it enough but customer service is our highest priority. And to maintain the highest levels we need consumer feedback. So we went to work to devise a program that will give us the information we need to create the best vaping experience and reward participants. We are proud to introduce the Banzai Vapors Consumer Surveys Program.

What does the vape shop get out of it?

Great question. That was our first concern. We recognize that it's a burden to request customers to participate in surveys. So we are rewarding the vape shop that completes the most surveys in a quarter with a $500 gift card to be able to apply to their next order. No strings attached. 

How do I get my employees to remind customers to complete the survey?

Another great question. We want employees to be excited to share the survey and ensure every customer that purchases a bottle of Banzai Vapors e-liquid gets one. So every week, we are going to be compiling the surveys over the most recent 60 day period and drawing an employee name. The winner will receive a $25 Prepaid Debit Card to use to anything they like. Every month we will recognize the employee who has been mentioned in the most surveys by rewarding them with a $100 Prepaid Debit Card, Banzai Vapors E-Liquid, and Banzai Vapors Swag.

Why would a customer fill out this survey?

The last piece of the puzzle. We want to reward customers for taking the time to complete the survey and providing valuable information to help our business grow. Every week we will be drawing a survey completed in the last 60 days and shipping that customer a 30mL bottle of their favorite Banzai Vapors e-liquid in their desired nicotine strength. Every month we will be drawing a survey completed in the last 60 days and shipping that customer a 120mL bottle of their favorite Banzai Vapors e-liquid in their desired nicotine strength. 

I don't want my customer to buy direct from Banzai Vapors. How are you going to ensure that doesn't happen?

It's important for us that we separate this information from the customer's that do not shop brick and mortar.  The information provided will be used for demographic research and be compiled into a separate mailing list that we will only advertise new products and social engagement. In fact, to promote complete transparency, you can sign up for the mailing list below so you can see all content being sent. 

What type of questions are on this survey anyways?

Click here to view the survey yourself. Use Survey Identification Number 123456789 to continue.

How do I participate?

You're already enrolled. Every order receives 25 survey flyers to send with you customers. All you have to do is educate your employees on the value and rewards of the program.


If you have any additional question or concerns, please email us at or contact your dedicated account manager.