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Hydra ICE Salt

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We can only name a handful of things that incite as much pleasure and satisfaction as biting into a cold watermelon on a hot day in July. A feeling that comes close is sinking your teeth into a crisp, juicy apple that is perfect with every bite. Call us crazy, but Zenith E-Juice decided to combine the two and out came Hydra ICE Salt! Hydra ICE Salt is a watermelon-apple blend with menthol that will have you experiencing pure, unadulterated bliss all throughout the year!

When curating Hydra ICE Salt, we specifically chose watermelon flavors that deliver a consistent natural taste so that every inhale tastes like the tip of a watermelon slice. You know, the part where all the sugar congregates and upon ingestion, bursts into the depths of your mouth, saturating each and every taste bud? As good as that sounds, we wanted to make it BETTER which is why we added a splash of apple so you can get the best of both worlds.

Hydra’s inhale draws a sweet throat hit and for a moment time is frozen and all is right in the world. As you exhale, the day’s stress is lifted away with the clouds and all that’s left is a palatable apple taste that idles on the roof of your mouth and in your nostrils.

Hydra ICE Salt is the Salt Nicotine version of Hydra ICE.