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Check Out this Letter Sen. Ron Johnson just sent the FDA


Ron Johnson Urges FDA to Kill Deeming Regs On E-cigs

     It's no question who Senator Ron Johnson sides with when it comes down to e-cigs and vapor products. He's been at the forefront of trying to stop the FDA from wiping out the entire industry for quite some time now and as it would appear it looks like old uncle Ron has a lot more fight left in him! On November 21st Senator Johnson served the FDA a tasty treat in letter form, giving the receivers something to chew on other than cold turkey over the holiday weekend.


The letter reads:


Dear Dr. Califf:

     On November 8, the American people voiced their disapproval of the type of government that ignores the input of small business owners, consumers, and job creators. The incoming Administration and 115th Congress will likely re-examine and unwind burdensome regulations imposed by the Obama Administration. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) deeming regulation of e-cigarettes is a primary example of a rule that could eliminate an entire nascent industry. Accordingly, given the substantial likelihood that this burdensome rule will be undone, I urge the FDA to cease implementation of its deeming regulation to spare the growing e-cigarette industry unnecessary and avoidable compliance costs that it currently faces.

     Many stakeholders have raised concerns about the costs this regulation will have on the emerging e-cigarette industry. Christian Berkey, the Chief Executive Officer of an e-liquid company located in Hartland, Wisconsin, has said that the effect of this rule on the e-cigarette industry would be "catastrophic." In light of the significant economic costs on the e-cigarette industry and the substantial likelihood that the incoming Administration and the 115th Congress will unwind this burdensome regulation, I call on the FDA to cease its implementation of the current regulation over e-cigarettes. I hope the FDA will acknowledge the reality of the situation and ensure that small business and consumers do not continue to incur avoidable financial costs due to this regulation.

     Thank you for your prompt attention to this important matter.


     Ron Johnson




     DROPS THE MIC! I've read this thing like 6 times now and it still gives me goosebumps. I wonder if this is why I can't get anyone at the FDA to answer the phone in regards to registering our products??? 

     What are your thoughts on this guys? We wanna hear from you so drop us a line and let your voice be heard!




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