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6 Weeks until Black Friday

6 Weeks until Black Friday

Only 6 weeks until Black Friday. There are three points during week 6 that you should be focusing on. 

  1. Let your customers know NOW that you are having a sale. Remember, do not disclose specific information yet. This will help build buzz with your customers, prevent your daily sales from staggering, and discourage your competitors from copying your sale.

  2. Capturing customer emails is going to be a point of focus for the next few weeks. Upload them MailChimp and start your direct marketing email campaigns.

  3. Meet with your staff and decide on the brands and products that you want to feature on Black Friday. While having an assortment is good, try an keep you doorbuster limited.

See more information on our Black Friday Support Page. Here are a few graphics that you can use in your campaign. Click an image, right click, and click Save As. Upload to your company Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. 

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