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5 Weeks until Black Friday

5 Weeks until Black Friday

Only 5 weeks until Black Friday. There are three points during week 5 that you should be focusing on. 

  1. We are still letting customers know we are having a sale. People are only a few paychecks away from Black Friday. They are planning NOW where they are going to spend their money.

  2. Continue to capture emails and uploaded them into MailChimp. If you haven't put out a test campaign and make sure you are comfortable with the program. Click here for a tutorial from a Youtuber going over the basics. 

  3. You should be negotiating with your featured brands about pricing and availability of your featured products. Make sure your plan will work. 

See more information on our Black Friday Support Page. Here are a few graphics that you can use in your campaign. Click an image, right click, and click Save As. Upload to your company Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. 

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