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3 Weeks until Black Friday

3 Weeks until Black Friday

Only 3 weeks until Black Friday. There are three points during week 3 that you should be focusing on. 

  1. Ok. The date is closely approaching. Start leaking some of the brands you've partnered with to feature on Black Friday. Remember to keep away from specific products. There is still plenty of time for competition to copy.

  2. Now that you are a pro with  MailChimp visit your local printer and print some flyers about your sale. Start handing them out to every visitor. This way you get some foot traffic. Pass them out anywhere that allows it. The key to this method is reaching as many people as possible. Be creative with your locations.

  3. Have your employees and supporters share your your post. Focus on getting as much engagement as possible.

See more information on our Black Friday Support Page. Here are a few graphics that you can use in your campaign. Click an image, right click, and click Save As. Upload to your company Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. 




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